If you are like me and constantly experimenting with applications like PowerShell or Python, you end up doing things a bit differently to the normal user.

Why click an Icon for Outlook to open or your daily apps when you can use PowerShell to do it for you.

In the example below, you can start Outlook by using just two words in PowerShell:

  • start outlook
Start Outlook from PowerShell

Once you press enter, it is a matter of seconds and you will see the Outlook splash screen show as per below:

Outlook Splash screen

The same applies if you want to start Microsoft word, you can use the following command:

  • start winword
Powershell:- find out if the outlook process is running.

Another example is opening windows explorer, you can do so by typing:

  • start explorer

There you have a few examples, the list is endless..

Hope it helps.

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