In Exchange, not only Exchange 2019 but earlier versions as well, an Organization Admin does not have the ability to export mailboxes as no rights are granted by default.

If you try and run the command below, it will give you an error that it is not recognized, meaning you don’t have rights to run it:

  • New-MailboxExportRequest

If you launch Active Directory Users and computers and navigate to the Exchange Security groups, you will notice it does not exist either, we need to create the RoleGroup, you can do so by running the following command:

  • New-RoleGroup “Mailbox Import-Export Management” -Roles “Mailbox Import Export”

Now we need to add the members to the group, you can do so running the following command:

  • Add-RoleGroupMember “Mailbox Import-Export Management” -Member edwardvbs

If we head over to Active Directory Users and Computers again and refresh the container we looked at earlier, the Management group for Mailbox imports and exports is now showing in the security groups:

Now if we close the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) and re-launch it and try the command again as in the beginning of the article, it should not give you an error anymore. Take note, this is dependant on AD Sync and larger environments might take a bit longer to update.

Hope it helps.