Recently we had a request to update a whole stack of servers registry keys. With PowerShell this is easy to do.

Powershell:- list missing windows updates in windows 10(20h2)

In the first step you need to set the location of where you want to work. In this case it was HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Location – Location being where you want to update the key. The command for this would be:

  • Set-Location “HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Location” (note the inverted commas)

Then we need to get the property values of the path, you can do this running this command:

  • Get-ItemProperty -Path .

This lists all the keys.

Now we can finally change the value of the key. To do this you can run the following command:

  • Set-ItemProperty -Path . -Name “Name of key” -Value “Value details”

There you have it, simple enough to update.

Hope it helps.


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