If you are like me and work 99% of the time in PowerShell, you always want to do things in PowerShell. This includes adding roles/features, extracting information or simply just opening stuff.

I use Telnet a lot, comes in very handy when you checking email servers and responses etc. You can install the Telnet Client using Server Manager but I find it easier to install with PowerShell than having the GUI items load and waiting for everything to populate in Server Manager.

Error – When not installed

If you try and run telnet and its not installed, you are presented with an error that the command is not recognized as shown below:

Telnet error in PowerShell

Installation of Windows Feature

To resolve the issue, we simply run a one-liner command to install it:

Install-WindowsFeature Telnet-Client

The process takes about a minute to complete and you will see a window similar to what is shown below:

Quickly install the telnet-client on server 2019 utilizing powershell

Once the installation is complete, no reboot is required and you will see the following:

Quickly install the telnet-client on server 2019 utilizing powershell

Now you can simply type in your Telnet command and it should work without erroring out.

Hope it helps.

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