In my previous article, we looked at configuring our TLSReceiveDomainSecureList and if you have one or two domains listed, you can view them easily, however if you have multiple items, the first few are shown and then you have …. at the end. What am I talking about? Take a look below, I added in random domains that don’t exist but it cuts off after the 4th item:

There is a way to make the format easier to read by simply running the command below:

  • (Get-TransportConfig).TLSReceiveDomainSecureList

As you can see, I can now clearly see all the domains and it is much easier to read than the previous command. We are simply taking the command and putting it in brackets and the .dot represents the item we want to view details on, in this case TLSReceiveDomainSecureList.

Hope it helps.